Proceedings of International Conference on Local Representation of Power in South Asia (2014)

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Detailed Table of Contents


Academic Session: Theory of Local Representation of Power
Venue: Bukhari Auditorium
Chair: Dr. Farhat Mahmud

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Academic Session: Traditional Power Structures and Local Governments
Venue: Bukhari Auditorium
Chair: Dr. Chanchal Kumar Sharma

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Academic Session: Assessing Decentralization and Devolution in South Asia
Venue: Bukhari Auditorium
Chair: Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt

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Academic Session: Participative Democracy, Representation, Elections, and Politics at Local Level
Venue: Bukhari Auditorium
Chair: Dr. Muhammad Waseem

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Academic Session:  Women Empowerment through Local Representation of Power
Venue: Bukhari Auditorium

Chair: Mr. Shaighan Sharif 

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