Library Catalogue

The Department has established a departmental library to facilitate the students with their research work. The following books are available in the department for students of BA, MA, MPhil, and PhD:


Sr.No Author Title
1 Newman Routledge Handbook of Civil Wars
2 Hook Routledge Handbook of American Foreign Policy
3 Cordell Routledge Handbook of Ethnic Conflict
4 Reinalda Routledge Handbook of International Organization
5 Ginty Routledge Handbook of Peacebuilding
6 Araral Routledge Handbook of Public Policy
7 Loughlin Routledhe Handbook of Regionalism & Federalism
8 Soeters Routledhe Handbook of Research Methods in Military Studies
9 Jorgensen Routledhe Handbook on the European Union and International
10 Burgess Routledhe Handbook of Civil-Military Relations
11 Martin Routledhe Handbook of Human Security
12 Burgess Routledhe Handbook of New Security Studies
13 Seiple Routledge Handbook  of Religion and Security
14 Kohli Routledge Handbook of Indian Politics
15 Yang China in UN Security Council Decision-Making on Iraq
16 Schmidt International Relations and the first Great Debate
17 Guzzini Power, Realism and Constructivism
18 Aslam The United States and Great Power Responsibility in International
19 Katzenstein Sincization and the Rise of China
20 Roepstorff The Politics of Self-Determination
21 Quayson Labour Migration, Human Trafficking and Multinational Corporations
22 Acharya Ten Years After 9/11 Rethinking the Jihadist Threat
23 Mangold National Security and International Relations
24 Tibi Islam in Global Politics
25 Adler Israel in the World
26 Falk Re-Imagining Human Governance
27 Prys Redefining Regional Power in internationalRelations
28 Mavelli Europe’s Encounter with Islam
29 Arfi Re-Thinking International Relations Theory via Deconstruction
30 Basham War, Identity and the llberal State
31 Davis Jr Black Politics Today
32 Dodd Thinking About Congress
33 Buchanan Presidential Power and Accountability
34 Corrales U.S Venezuela Relations Since the 1990s
35 Dominguez Debating U.S Cuban Relations
36 Engberg The EU and Military Operations
37 Hout Eu Strategies on Governance Reform
38 Naurin Dynamics of Change in the European Union
39 Bouchard Multilateralism in the 21st Century
40 Moury Coalition Government and Party Mandate
41 Tanil Europeanization, Intergration and Identity
42 Keman Party Government in the New Europe
43 Patel The Cultural Politics of Europe
44 Mole The Baltic States from the Soviet Union to the Euorpean Union
45 Chebankova Civil Society in Putin’s Russia
46 Inozemtsev Democracy Versus Modernization
47 Taras Russia’s Identity in International Relations
48 Black Russia After 2012
49 Clarke The Afghan Papers
50 Reisinger Russia’s Regions and Comparative Subnational Politics
51 Kuhrt Russia and the world
52 Basrur Nuclear Power and Energy Security in Asia
53 Xiaoqi China’s Civil Service Reform
54 Ashton The Iran-Iraq War
55 Kaussler Iran’s Nuclear Diplomacy
56 Sovacool The National Politics of Nuclear Power
57 Kuperman Nuclear Terrorism and Global Security
58 Jasper The Politics of Nuclear Non-Prolifeeration
59 Mannitz Democratic Civil-Military Relations
60 Jong The Future of Intelligence
61 Sadeh Space Strategy in the 21st Century
62 Dutton Twenty-First Century Seapower
63 Duncan Contemporay America
64 Wiarda American Foreign Policy in Regions of Conflict
65 Charlotte Ku International Law, International Relations and Global Governance
66 Mincheva Crime-Terror Alliances and the State
67 White Developments in Central & East European Politics
68 Grugel Democratization
69 Schanzer State of Failure
70 Raine Regional Disorder
71 Wyatt Party System Change in South india
72 Smith Understanding Third World Politics
73 Schmidt The Routledge Handbook of Terrorism Research
74 Jones Politics UK
75 Cesari Why the West Fears Islam
76 Paters Strategies for Cimparative Research in Political Science
77 Shiraev Russian Govt. & Politics
78 Zogby Arab Voices
79 Hume How Courts Impact Administrative Behavior
80 Mockil European-American Relations and the Middle East
81 Milton-Edwards Islamic Fundamentalism Since 1945
82 Kamalipour Media Power and Politics in the Digital Age

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