Journal – 2020

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An Analysis of Bicameralism as a viable legislative system in Pakistan

Aminah Gilani

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Strategy of Greater Eurasia and Russia-China Partnership: Opportunities and Challenges

Amna Khalid

Dr. Arifa Kayani

18-39 View/Download
Appraisal of Indian military modernization: Implications for regional strategic stability

Furqan Khan

Asma Bilal

40-61 View/Download
Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: Implications of Transit Trade Issues for the Region of South Asia

Dr. Azhar Javed Siddiqui

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Reporting of terrorism against Muslims through deutsche Welle News in Pakistan: a case of Christchurch mass shooting

Barira Bakhtawar

Dr. Anjum Zia

Dr. Faiza Latif

89-106 View/Download
Impact of Modern Physics on Iqbal’s Political Philosophy

Dr. Sobia Tahir

107-120 View/Download
Diplomacy at service: Egypt and the Gulf Arab States Security

Fehmida Abdul Sattar

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Raging    for    a    Hindu   Order    Authoritarianism,    Hindu Nationalism and Crisis of Modernity

Hassan Zaheer

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Assessing the Impacts of Social Media On Political Participation of People in District Lakki-Marwat Pakistan

Jamshid Khan


Basit Ali

Eng. Osama Zaid

153-175 View/Download
Impacts    of   Covid-19   on    Comprehensive    Security    in Pakistan

Dr. Khuram Iqbal

Muneeb Salman

176-194 View/Download
Triangular Politics of Reconciliation (US-Taliban-Afghan Government): Mapping Peace-building Measures in Afghanistan

Muhammad Manzoor Elahi

Muhammad Shakeel

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Role of bureaucracy and local-self-government in Pakistan

Mehwish Muzaffar

216-232 View/Download
Political Economy of Solar Energy Management in Urban Centers – An Understanding Towards Sustainable Eco- Energy Platforms as a Next Step for Pakistan

Shujaat Muneef Qureshi

Dr. Ayesha Saeed

Dr. Shamaila Dodhy

233-250 View/Download
Iran’s Outreach in Central Asia: Priorities, Policies and Actions

Dr. Sadia Rafique

Ameer Fateh

251-269 View/Download
Prospects of Regional and International Organizations in the Solution of Kashmir Issue

Dr. Sarwat Rauf

270-290 View/Download
Leadership Crisis among the Religious and non-Religious Political Parties in Pakistan

Nafisah Wali Shabana

Shamaas Gul Khattak

291-313 View/Download
Geo-Economic Significance of Jammu & Kashmir

Dr. Faiz ur Rehman

Dr.Talat Shabbir

314-331 View/Download
Nature,   Scope   and   Applicability   of   the   Doctrine   of Legitimate Expectation in India and Pakistan
Iftikhar Ahmad Tarar
332-347 View/Download
Political Parties are the major instrument of recruitment of Elites: An Analysis
Dr. Fauzia Ghani
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