JPS Volume XXXIV (2016)

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Demand for Saraiki Province: A Critical Analysis
Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt
Burhan Ahmed
01−19  View / Download
Role of Academic Institutions in Counterterrorism: Instituting Personnel Reliability Programs (PRP)
Dr. Iram Khalid
21−37  View / Download
Government Patronage of Human Resource Development in China: Policy Evaluation and Recommendations
Dr. Xiaoqing Xie
Mominyar Khalid
39−48  View / Download
Splicing Theoretical and Bureaucratic Perspectives on Public Policy Practices in Pakistan through Iterative Analysis
Muhammad Usman Amin Siddiqi
Ammad Javed Khan
49−71  View / Download
The Uncertain Future of Afghanistan: Security Perceptions in India & Pakistan
Shahzada Ashraf Maqbool
Dr. Muhammad Badrul Alam
73−79  View / Download
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