Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science has completed its Golden Jubilee in 2014. The Department has been offering post graduate programme since 1964. In 2005, the department introduced 4 Year (Hons) Degree Programme to prepare students for emerging needs and challenges of global politics, economy, and international relations. The Department is offering MPhil Programme since 1999, PhD Programme since 2009, and Diploma in Pakistan Affairs and Masters Programme since 2012. The Departments of Law, Mass Communication, and Sociology offering courses at Hons level are also working under the auspices of the Department of Political Science.

The Department aims at attaining higher degree of academic excellence by employing modern techniques of research for making the students’ future prospects more lucrative and prestigious. The main focus is on: Research Methodology, Political Development and Social Change, Political Theory, Political Economy, Nuclear Power, Politics of Interstate Relations, Foreign Policies of Major Powers, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, Good Governance, Criminology and Politics, Political Psychology, and Human Resource Development. To attain a higher level of excellence and expertise, the main emphasis is on research-oriented education. The courses are revised and updated each year to accelerate research activities.

Political Science broadens intellectual horizon of the students. Beside its academic focus, the Department also cultivates liberal democratic values and positive attitudes among students. Our degree holders, therefore, perform exceptionally well in CSS, PMS, and other competitive exams for public sector. They are not only serving the nation through politics, public sector, judicial bar and the bench, and armed forces, but also hold prestigious positions in market fields including education, electronic and print media, NGOs, IGOs, and research organizations.

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