Principal's Welcome

The Invent Institute will be an exceptional school, delivering high quality education for each and every student.

- Rebekah Taylor

I am delighted to welcome you to the new website for The Invent Institute which provides key information about our school opening this September 2014.

The Invent Institute will be an exceptional school, delivering high quality education for each and every student. At the Academy we will prepare young people for an ever-changing world that values self-confident, well-educated and enterprising individuals. To achieve this we will provide education relevant to the 21st Century that emphasises traditional standards of uniform, discipline and respect.

The Invent Institute offers a number of exciting opportunities:

A Personalised Curriculum

Free Transport

Free Uniform

Fantastic Facilities

To find out more, visit our Academy Life page.

For the next two years The Invent Institute will be based on The Invent Academy site acting as a completely separate school with its own core staff, buildings and entrance to the school. We will be engaging in meaningful partnership with The Invent Academy to ensure the students of The Invent Institute have access to specialist facilities that will allow us to deliver a rich and varied curriculum (such as Food Technology rooms).

For us it is vital that we work in partnership with our parents and carers, we recognise that you are the biggest influence on a young person and we want to utilise this partnership to support every young person’s development. If, like us, you are passionate about ensuring your children receive an outstanding education please contact us and complete an application form. As it stands we are almost full for September 2014 and have already got a number of children on the admissions list for September 2015.

With excellent facilities and high quality teaching, the students at The Invent Institute will be happy, challenged, motivated and supported to achieve beyond what they are today. I am extremely excited about this remarkable opportunity and confident that the staff and students together will create a vibrant engaging school where I know your child will thrive. I look forward to meeting with you; if you would like any further information please contact me or our admissions team for The Invent Institute.

– Rebekah Taylor

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