Name Area of Interest Email
Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt
Human Rights, Social Development, Constitutions, Foreign Policy  khalidmanzoor63@hotmail.com
Mr. Hassan Masood 
MPhil (PU)
Strategic Studies, Nuclear Deterrence, Federalism, Foreign Policy of Major Powers, Political Thoughts  qureshima29@yahoo.com
Dr. Sadia Mushtaq
(On Leave)
Regional Studies, Pakistan External Affairs, Peace and Security Studies, Political Systems, Research Methodology  ravian_sadia@yahoo.com
Ms. Fauzia Ghani
MPhil (GCUL)
Leadership, Ethnicity and Conflict, Comparative Politics, Political Development in Pakistan  fauzia29_ravian@yahoo.com
Mr. Abdul Aijaz
(Study Leave)
Politics of water Resource, Political Theory  ijazppk@hotmail.com
Ms. Sadia Rafique
MPhil (PU)
International Relations, Globalization, Dynamics and Politics of the Muslim World, Malaysian Political System  sadia_july2007@hotmail.com
Mr. Muhammad Naseer Ahmad
MPhil (GCUL)
Political Economy of Pakistan, Ethnicity in Pakistan, Democracy & Governance in Pakistan.  mnaseergcu168@yahoo.com
Mr. Ahmad Raza Khan
MPhil (GCUL)
International Relations, Pakistan Affairs  ps_gcu@yahoo.com
Mr. M. Usman Amin Siddiqi
(Gold Medalist)

MPhil (GCUL)
Research Methodology, Criminology and Politics, US Foreign Policy, Afghanistan and South Asian Studies, Comparative Political Systems  
Asma Afzal
(Study Leave)

MPhil (GCUL)
Pakistan Politics, Freedom Movement, Civil Society & Politico-Social Environment  asmaafzal78@yahoo.com
Mr. Muhammad Manzoor Elahi
MPhil (GCUL)
Comparative Political Systems & Geopolitical & Geostrategic Studies of Central and South Asia  mmanzoorelahi@hotmail.com
Mr. Ahmed Hayat Khan
MPhil (GCUL)
International Relations, Ethnicity, Governance and Democracy  ahmed_hayyat@hotmail.com