Name Area of Interest Email
Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt
Human Rights, Social Development, Constitutions, Foreign Policy  khalidmanzoor63@hotmail.com
Dr. Hassan Masood 
Strategic Studies, Nuclear Deterrence, Federalism, Foreign Policy of Major Powers, Political Thoughts  qureshima29@yahoo.com
Dr. Fauzia Ghani
Leadership, Ethnicity and Conflict, Comparative Politics, Political Development in Pakistan  fauzia29_ravian@yahoo.com
Mr. Muhammad Naseer Ahmad
MPhil (GCUL)
Political Economy of Pakistan, Ethnicity in Pakistan, Democracy & Governance in Pakistan.  mnaseergcu168@yahoo.com
Dr. Sadia Rafique
International Relations, Globalization, Dynamics and Politics of the Muslim World, Malaysian Political System  sadia_july2007@hotmail.com
Mr. Abdul Aijaz
(Study Leave)
Politics of water Resource, Political Theory  ijazppk@hotmail.com
Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan
International Relations, Pakistan Affairs  ps_gcu@yahoo.com
Asma Afzal
MPhil (GCUL)
Pakistan Politics, Freedom Movement, Civil Society & Politico-Social Environment  asmaafzal78@yahoo.com
Mr. M. Usman Amin Siddiqi
(Study Leave)
(Gold Medalist)

MPhil (GCUL)
Research Methodology, Criminology and Politics, US Foreign Policy, Afghanistan and South Asian Studies, Comparative Political Systems usmansiddiqi@gcu.edu.pk
Mr. Muhammad Manzoor Elahi
MPhil (GCUL)
Comparative Political Systems & Geopolitical & Geostrategic Studies of Central and South Asia  mmanzoorelahi@hotmail.com
Ms. Kanza Sharif Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Public Administration, and Constitutional and Political History of Pakistan kanzasharif@gcu.edu.pk
Dr. Saqib Warraich
PhD (PU)
Democracy & Governance in Pakistan, Political System Analysis, Comparative Politics, Religious Extremism, Terrorism, Ethnic and Political Violence, Theories of Conflict and Conflict Management, Law and Public Administration  dr.saqibkhan@gcu.edu.pk