JPS Vol. XXXVII ISSN 1726-6467 (2019)

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Indo-US New Strategic Bonhomie in the 21st Century
Muhammad Balwinder Singh
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Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions: A Neorealist Framework
Prof. Dr. Iram Khalid
Syed Zohaib Abbas Rizvi
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Social Structural and Individual Psychological Determinants of Political Trust in Pakistan
Muhammad Usman Amin Siddiqi
Dr. Khalid Manzoor Butt
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Human Security and Implications of involuntary repatriation of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

Tabita Victor
Aliya Talib

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Nuclear Ban Treaty: An Assessment
Mahvish Malik
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Religion and Politics in Pakistan: A Historical Analysis of Islamization
Zubaida Zafar
Prof. Dr. Umbreen Javaid
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Geopolitics of OBOR and (Re-) thinking Connectivity Discourse: Apropos of South Asia
Muhammad Manzoor Elahi

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Balance of Power in Arab-Persian Rivalry and the prospect of Nuclear Proliferation in Middle-East
Adnan Jamil
Dr. Rashid Ahmed
Noorulain Naseem
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Nuclearization: A threat to Human Security in South Asia
Dr. Fauzia Ghani
133 View / Download
New Ethnic Identity: Role of Religion and State of Identity in Pakistan
Sadia Mahmood Falki
Noorulain Naseem
Dure Shahwar Bano
143 View / Download
Political Rights Situation During Musharraf Era (1999-2004)
Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Naazer
Dr. Amna Mahmood
Dr. Sadaf Farooq
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Syrian Crisis as shocking threat to the Ozone layer of Middle East collective security
Sadia Rafique
Muhammad Safdar
167 View / Download
Civil Military Relations and Democratic Consolidation in New Democracies: A Conceptual & Theoretical Framework
Dr. Zab-Un-Nisa
Dr. Ghulam Mustafa
Anwar Ali
201 View / Download
Atiya Fayzee; A Symbol of Muslim Women Empowerment in Colonial India
Dr. Zab-Un-Nisa
Amna Latif
Dr. Rukhsana Iftikhar
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